Sunday, May 22, 2005

Dessert Reception (Saturday Night)

I arrived a tiny bit early for it so I could register, get my bag of goodies, my ID, etc... I expected a horrible line -- there was NO line. And this is something I've heard repeatedly. It's been such a well-oiled, well organized event. I quickly headed to the reception. There was quite a spread (of course) and plenty of people I know -- tons of fun. I didn't even realize we were going to have two congressional speakers!

Congresswoman (and longtime AIPAC member) Shelley Berkeley from Nevada, whom I've heard before and loved, addressed those of us gathered in the meeting room. She discussed what a pivotal time it is. We're here to make a difference. She told us how she went to Poland two weeks before the official ceremony. While there, the IDF had their own ceremony. They said, "We are 60 years too late but we are here now." As they said this, four Israeli fighter jets buzzed over the crowd. Berkeley reiterated, "We are here now." We need to do what we can to protect Jews, not just here, Israel, the EU but for generations to come.

After her, Congressman Bob Filner followed. He joked about how his district, along California's border with Mexico, has about three Jews in it. Not three percent -- three actual Jews. But his constituents understand how Israel and anti-Semitism can affect them. Because if they go after the Jews, they won't stop there -- and they'll be next. He shared how his father served in World War II. They needed someone who spoke Yiddish to be up front when they liberated Auschwitz and what an amazing experience it was for his father. He said that our strength gives them strength in Congress.

It was a wonderful evening and a great tease of what's to come.


At 8:30 PM, Blogger MissingLink said...

"It was a wonderful evening and a great tease of what's to come."

And it's good to hear the event runs so smoothly.


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