Friday, September 08, 2006

Fox News Crew's Kidnapping... A Commentary

While covering the Palestinians in Gaza, Fox News reporter Steve Centanni and his cameraman Olaf Wiig were grabbed at gunpoint and then held hostage for almost two weeks. This incident was incredibly disturbing on so many levels.

These two were truly terrorized. Lucky for them, pressure was applied and the two were finally set free.

One of the most disturbing aspects of this, that has gotten very little attention, is that fact that the two were forced at gunpoint to convert to Islam. For all the people who insist that Islam is religion of peace and that they're not out to take over the world, this is pretty damning evidence to the contrary. This is our future, should Iran get a nuclear weapon. Convert -- or die at the sword!

Now I'm even more disgusted at the twosome immediately started begging media outlets not to pull out of Gaza, that "the Palestinian story needs to be told." Frankly, I think it was told quite well -- if you're not a Muslim and visit territory they control, you must convert or die. How brainwashed are these two or is their far-left philosophy (yet working for Fox??) so ingrained, that they still believe the 'noble savages' are good at heart and this must have just been a weird aberration? Or even worse, they were pushed to do something drastic because of mean, horrible Israel? Granted, they did say this while still in the Palestinians' control at that hotel but I'm not sure I've ever heard them denounce it once they were in a free country.

Once back in the states, the two set out on their speaker tour at Fox. Both appeared on Greta Van Sustren's "On The Record" show, along with the awesome Jennifer Griffin, who worked tirelessly to secure their release. She was telling an amazing story of being with all the terrorist groups' heads and she said, "It was obvious we were being played." That's right, she came right out and said the truth....finally. This was done, despite protests to the contrary, with the blessing of Hamas. And why? My guess (well mine and many others) was to take the pressure off them to release kidnapped Israeli soldier, Galid Shalit. With the world worried about the journalists, no one was making any noise over poor Galid. Why wasn't their release tied in with Galid? Why didn't everyone do cartwheels to try and prove these to be two totally different kinds of actions. They weren't. Hamas, Fatah, Islamic Jihad, etc. and their hired freelance kidnapping goon squad are engaging in these 'adventures' in an attempt to free all of their homicidal brothers in Israeli jails. And this will continue as long as they're never forced to pay any price for anything they do.

Then the twosome went on Hannity and Colmes. I don't know what's happened to Alan Colmes. You have to wonder if he really believes the crap he says or if he's just trying to spice up the show. Regardless, Alan Colmes is an idiot, asking Steve after he retells his tale: "So they didn't threaten you at all?" No, Alan -- you moron -- they made him tea. They are terrorists! Get over your dangerously misguided love for the noble savage. Quickly, Steve answered, no, they did threaten us. We knew they had guns, grenades, etc. Steve said they told Olaf that he was CIA, a soldier, a very dangerous man and they were going to kill him [Steve].

These are dangerous people. We're in dangerous times. Unless people wake up and see the threat, I know we're in for much worse. The Daniel Pearl kind of worse.


At 2:50 PM, Blogger MissingLink said...

I keep saying this again and again:
What was the original religion of those 2 pansies?

To convert you need you original religion to start with.

Has anybody among the MSM shiite-for-brain journos asked this question?

Has anybody asked them the question if their alleged conversion was real?
I haven heard anything along these lines.

Has anybody condemned 'Islamic leaders' for not condemning forced 'conversion'?

Why am I getting upset anyway?

Oh, the MSM gets on my nerves again.


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