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Colin Powell -- Report

Colin Powell -- Report
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As I hinted at before, he and Abe Foxman (National Director of the ADL) seem quite fond of each other. Now, when reading this, keep in mind that not only was I eating lunch at the time, but I have lousy handwriting and it's kind of hard to read my notes. Also, I didn't necessarily hear things and remember them exactly right as I was jotting down thoughts. That said, let me try to fill you in. ;)

Abe talked about being a cadet with Colin Powell (not sure if this was true or a joke), but Abe dropped out. So they joked that Abe could have been one of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Powell could have headed up the ADL. So Powell was keeping the jokes coming, especially about retirement, saying, "It's a great pleasure to leave the house and see you!" Having been unemployed for a good portion of the last 6 months, I can totally relate.

Major thoughts/impressions:

* US will not rest as long as there's a threat out there that says people are in danger because they are Jewish.

* Even though he's retired, he is still with us.

Like every speaker, he acknowledged the passing of the Pope, calling him a man of the people who reached out beyond just Catholics.

He encouraged us to continue our work, "Keep kvetching."

He then quoted his favorite lines, from the Declaration of Independence. "Inalienable rights given by G-d. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness -- government secures these rights. He made a point of saying that while we have G-d given rights... it's our government who secures these rights.

That's pretty much the extent of it.


At 6:48 PM, Blogger Gindy said...

"but I have lousy handwriting and it's kind of hard to read my notes"

You and me both. I have the handwriting of a doctor.

Very interesting. I still say he is a little too much of an internationalist for me (that is just a question of policy), but he is a true American hero and cares for the country.

I can't picture Abe Foxman in the Army.

At 7:31 PM, Blogger MissingLink said...

Powell is always very diplomatic.

"I still say he is a little too much of an internationalist for me.."
I think it is part of this sometimes too "cautious" approach, that we may have this feeling about him being a little bit too soft and a little bit to "internationalistic" and not really committed one way or another.
With him it's just hard to tell.

Esther thanks a million for this report.

Bad or good handwriting - you ROCK!

At 9:47 PM, Blogger patrickafir said...

In the dirty world of politics, Colin Powell is definitely cleaner than most, and it's good to know that he spoke there. In the cause of goodness and rectitude, we need every decent warrior we can find.

At 11:22 AM, Blogger Bill O. Writes said...

Colin Powell has had my respect almost since the first moment I heard about him. Over the years it has grown. Few, and I me very few of those in politics have my respect. Mr. Powell does. Yes, I agree with Gindy, he is a true American hero (among heroes).

When you think America has sunk in the mud, and has never made any progress, think about this. What chance would Mr. Powell, or Dr. Rice had in chances of becoming Secretary of State 50-60 years ago. To rise to such a position deserves respect from everyone, for Mr. Powell and Dr. Rice an extra measure.


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