Thursday, January 20, 2005

Covering the Coverage

I decided, for a lark, to watch two of the networks' coverage of the lead-up to the parade. While reading this, keep in mind that I'm not even a big fan of President Bush. I'm just very patriotic and love my country.

ABC's Peter Jennings (whom I've detested and boycotted for years) stayed true to form and decided to point out all the bad stuff of the day -- grumbling that the parade hadn't started yet, how it looked like a banana republic with the tanks, etc..pointing out the protestors and how the secret service had to pepper spray some of them. He was practically daring the president to actually reach out and touch real human beings, maybe at a baseball game or something. Does this guy not live in today's reality? Does he think people aren't wanting to shoot this man dead? I'm impressed Bush even bothers to do this much when his life must be constantly at risk. OK, so Bush does finally get out and then a little later gets back in. Jennings decides he has to point out that the president "only had a little further to go" before he'd be in the White House "compound" but oh well. Bush couldn't catch a break! Jennings was totally looking for everything bad. After the president settled into his box at the White House, Jennings mentioned he "was surrounded by family, that some 130 members of the Bush family were there, whether they liked it or not, are part of a political dynasty." Not sure if "whether they liked it or not" applied to the first part of the sentence or the latter. Either way, I say if you are so tired and feel such disdain for America, Peter Jennings, then GO BACK TO CANADA!

Dare I say, his coverage greatly contrasted (CBS) Dan Rather's, who wasn't nearly as bitter or snippy about it and instead actually talked about what was going on rather than just commenting on bad things. Color me surprised.

OK, that's all the time I could dare spend on the networks. And friends wonder why I watch Fox News... it's because it doesn't try to make me hate the fact I'm an American.


At 7:29 PM, Blogger Tom Carter said...

Nice post, Esther. The difference between Dan Rather and Peter Jennings, at this point, is: One has been publicly exposed for the biased ideologue he's always been, and the other hasn't. Yet.

At 11:31 PM, Blogger Esther said...

Thanks Tom. Peter Jennings disgusts me, but ever since I found out he was once romantically involved with that charming Holocaust denier and Arafat crony, Hanan Ashwari, his biased reporting has made sense.


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