Wednesday, October 25, 2006

FBI Witch Hunt Against Jews?

Apparently, the FBI believes Jews are a huge threat. Why else do they keep investigating Jews and their ties to AIPAC? Their latest target is Congresswoman Jane Harmon. And I’m disgusted. This story doesn’t even make sense! How in the world would AIPAC’s support get her a chairwomanship? Smells like a witch hunt to me, and I find that very scary (I must be freaked out to actually do two posts in one day):

Probe of Harman's AIPAC Ties Confirmed
By Dan Eggen
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, October 25, 2006; Page A06

Federal law enforcement sources confirmed yesterday that the FBI opened an investigation in 2005 into whether Rep. Jane Harman (D-Calif.) improperly enlisted the aid of a pro-Israel lobbying group, but they cautioned that no evidence of wrongdoing was found.

The inquiry focused on whether Harman had made promises to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in exchange for its support of her desire to become chairman of the House intelligence committee if Democrats take control of the House, several law enforcement sources said.

Although the case is still considered open, officials said, the allegations have not been substantiated, and there has been no significant investigative activity on the issue in recent months. The inquiry was first reported by Time magazine.

Harman -- who has hired prominent GOP lawyer Theodore B. Olson, a former solicitor general -- told Time that the allegations were "irresponsible, laughable and scurrilous."

Sources said the Harman inquiry was an outgrowth of the ongoing criminal prosecution of two former AIPAC lobbyists who are charged with violating the Espionage Act in connection with receiving national defense information and transmitting it to journalists and employees of the Israeli Embassy who were not entitled to receive it. Lawrence Franklin, a former Pentagon analyst who pleaded guilty to passing government secrets to the two lobbyists, was sentenced this year to more than 12 years in prison.

Time reported that investigators were looking at whether Harman -- who is involved in an intraparty dispute over who might head the intelligence panel -- promised to try to persuade the Justice Department to "go lighter" on the former AIPAC officials.

AIPAC spokesman Patrick Dorton said yesterday that the group "would never engage in a quid pro quo in relation to a federal investigation or other federal matter."

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Disturbing News From The Front, Part II

Another note from my friend volunteering in Israel…


here is what i have for you this week....totally unbelievable....

1. we met and spoke with some medics who were on a infiltration during the war/action.....4 of their soldiers were injured including the commander but none were is the kicker....a reporter went with them and documented the whole event (we got to see it...amazing) ..and when they came across a house of hezbollah and the action started heating up....the commander yelled for his troops to take their helmets off....why???? because the hezbollah were dressed in israeli uniforms....he didn't want his men to shoot the wrong person....luckily they didn't.....

2. i found out why you are not hearing about any of this back there and none of it is hitting the news....the agreement was that israel pull out of lebanon....and that 15,000 UN troops...(only 5000 showed up and most are muslim)....and the lebanese army were to police and disarm hezbollah.....well....they aren't...israel has been doing flyovers and photographing hezbollah rearming....and this time with rockets that will hit tel aviv and jerusalem.....they have presented the evidence to the UN....and the UN told them that the information was obtained illegally via these flyovers and thus they would not act on them.....and by the way....the french have threatened to shoot down the israeli air craft......

to say i am angry just doesn't say it....not enough....some of the soldiers i spoke with feel that we are going to have to do this all over again in 6 months....maybe a year...some feel a little longer....on top of that...hamas has declared war on israel...again....and are ready to move against israel....


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Friday, October 20, 2006

Disturbing News From The Front

This is an email I received yesterday from an old Sar-el buddy of mine, who is back in Israel volunteering, with some disturbing news from the front:


sorry for the mass e mail but so much has is now 1 week since i have been on base....a lovely place called bet hillel....we work at times just a few hundred yards from the border.....the work is hard but very rewarding.....there is so much i want to tell you and none of it good.....

first, some building bunkers.....laying razor wire....clean machine guns....but yesterday i was rewarded with a great honor...10 of us were asked to help move something from one place to another but that was it....we showed up at a school for handicapped and challenged kids....the school was for all kids....jewish, christian, muzlim, druse....anyone who need this extra was a school of w start moving the middle of the moving they asked us to come into the school....we had no idea get more stuff....who knew.....until we were inside....the school was hit by a katusha rocket...destroying a class room....steel balls shoot into the hall way destroying it and then the infirmery next store was destroyed....the foundation on the second floor is craked and ready to fall out from under us.....what more could i say...what more could we do...we left and with a little more zeal and feeling better for what we were doing we finished our job with great pride....and as we headed to the new school to unload the classroom stuff a car came to a screeching halt....a women jumped out and hugged me....she was from houston....she had made aliyah 2 years ago and was a teacher at the school.....she said she had heard that some volunteers were moving the school and had to come down to see us and thank she found out i had no idea....

then to top it off i was up to till 2 in the morning speak with the soldiers on the base....and was i educated....we had already heard that a patrol of soldiers had returned that afternoon of the volunteers is fluent in hebrew and translated what they were saying...they were on patrol on the israeli side and came in contact with hezbollah on the lebanese side of the border.....and they couldn't do a thing.....unless hezbollah shoots at them....they must leave them alone.....last nite i spoke with soldiers that were at an outpost where they watch hezbollah.....bringing in arms....rockets....ammunition....everything.....and they can do nothing about it.....they go to the UN outposts and trade food and items with the UN soldiers.....all the UN outposts are on the lebanese side....none on the israeli side.....information flows from israel to the UN and then from UN to hezbollah but not the other way....and by the way a lot of the UN forces here are muzlim....bottom line.....they feel that within 1 year they will have to be back and do it again....if not sooner......also the rockets are bigger and can hit tel aviv this time....

i don't know what to do....and am sorry for sharing this with you....but felt you needed to know....i am so outraged....the work i am doing just doesn't seem to be enough....

anyways...miss you all

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Friday, October 13, 2006

Condi Wants To End 'Humiliation Of Occupation'

If this is an accurate article, it makes me ill.

US Supplies Fatah With Arms, Rice Decries "Occupation"
By Ezra HaLevi & Hana Levi Julian

The Fatah faction received a new shipment of arms Thursday as part of a Western aid package to bolster forces loyal to Mahmoud Abbas. Secretarty Rice promises a PLO state.

United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Wednesday America could have no greater legacy than to have divided the Land of Israel and established a Palestinian state to end the "humiliation of occupation." Rice made the statements at a dinner marking the third anniversary of the American Task Force on Palestine.

"The Palestinian people deserve a better life, a life that is rooted in liberty, democracy, uncompromised by violence and terrorism, unburdened by corruption and misrule and forever free of the daily humiliation of occupation," Rice said. "I promise you my personal commitment to that goal."

"I believe there could be no greater legacy for America than to help bring into being a Palestinian state for people who have suffered too long, have been humiliated too long," Rice added.

"I know that sometimes, a Palestinian state living side by side in peace with Israel must seem like a very distant dream but I know too... that there are so many things that once seemed impossible that after they happened they simply seemed inevitable," she said.

Rice praised Mahmoud Abbas, who is hanging onto his position as Palestinian Authority chairman, for his moderation. Arutz-7 reported Tuesday that Abbas dismissed demands that Fatah recognize Israel - just one day before he told Rice that such recognition is a must.

Made-in-U.S. Arms Arrive in PA
Thousands of M-16 assault rifles, made in the U.S., were delivered to Fatah forces in Judea and Samaria as part of the effort to strengthen Abbas in his opposition to Hamas leader and PA Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh.

Fatah is the political party headed by the late terrorist chieftain Yasser Arafat. The Al-Aksa Brigades terror group operates under its authority.

According to PA security sources quoted by the Middle East Newsline (MENL), "The weapons are meant for PA forces but they end up with Fatah in the war against Hamas." The deal, meant to increase Abu Mazen's power in the struggle for control of the PA government, was approved by Israel.

The two factions have been fighting bitter clashes in Gaza, leading to speculation that a civil war may ultimately hit the streets. The Hamas terror organization is currently the majority faction in the PA after winning January 2006 elections in a landslide victory against Fatah.

The victory at the polls, however, led to a loss at the bank; international funding dried up as a result of the new regime. Hamas has continued to resist international pressure to force the terror organization to officially acknowledge Israel's right to exist, renounce violence and uphold peace agreements signed by the previous Fatah-led PA government.

The latest efforts by Qatari officials to build a unity government of Hamas and Fatah failed after Hamas once again insisted on maintaining its refusal to officially recognize the Jewish State. In the wake of that failure, Abbas again threatened to disband the current PA government and call for early elections.

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