Friday, February 18, 2005

Public Awareness Is the Most Effective Weapon

The following was written by Safinaz Z. Murshid for Arab News -- of all places -- believe it or not. This is one of the first articles my friend The Weez has seen there that doesn't blame Israel for all the world's ills.

"A little boy about 12 was sitting with his father in a doctor’s waiting room. Two non-Arab nurses walked through and the little boy, with an astonished look on his face, said loudly and clearly to his father, “There are too many Westerners in here. Why doesn’t somebody blow this place up?” The boy then turned to the other side of the room where a bearded man was sitting. Looking at his father and indicating the bearded man, he said, “We’d better pin our hopes on him.” The boy’s father was silent; nothing did he say and nothing did he do."

Murshid goes on to say how someone should have spoken up and corrected the child, educated him. That all of their kids need to be made aware so that terrorism can be stopped. Sure, there was a reference to Palestine ("Murdering innocent people going about their daily business will not help liberate Palestine or stabilize Iraq.") but considering what I was expecting, it wasn't too bad. Check it out yourself by clicking here. The Weez said this article was more muted than most, considering they usually use the phrase, "The 37-year brutal occupation" as a justification for everything, in this case the boy's prejudices.


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Now that Saudi Arabia must confront unrest and terrorist attacks within its own borders, the official stance has changed. You will see a rapid evolution toward official Islamic disapprobation of violent attacks.

As for why the father didn't speak up, I'm sure the kid just said what he was hearing at home.


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