Wednesday, December 22, 2004

What was he thinking?

So. Tony Blair decided that during his trip to the Middle East, he would stop by Arafat's grave. Blair thinks Arafat deserves such high praise -- for one of the most powerful men in this world to honor him?!

Then again, why am I surprised. This is the same man who condemned the targeted assassination of Rantissi -- a super terrorist and leader of Hamas. This is the same man who indulges the myth of Palestinian centrality, saying that the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is the most critical situation in the world today. I'm sure this would come as a huge surprise to the victims of mass slaughter around the world, especially in the Sudan. It would be offensive to the overwhelming numbers dying in Africa from AIDS, from starvation, from every day disease. Why do we give Tony Blair so much credence? So he supported us in the war against Iraq -- but at what cost to Israel? Or is this simply a sad day for England, with their leader being only the second democratically elected official (first was France!) to honor the Godfather of modern day terrorism?


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